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HitChecker uses artificial intelligence to track every move visitors make on your website. Give your business the security, marketing & sales support it needs.

Why Your Business Needs HitChecker

Cyber Security

HitChecker is watching every visitor seperating good visitors from suspicious visitors. In the case of a hacker attack or security breach, you'll have the information you need to stop them in their tracks.


HitChecker analytics gives you a real-time assessment of your website activity (that you can't afford to miss), including what's happening with your online and social media advertising


HitChecker gives your sales a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You'll see meaningful patterns in customer behavior to help you target customers (both new and existing) to maximize your sales.

Over 80 Million visitors tracked

24x7 Visitor Monitoring

HitChecker works non-stop for your business

80+ million
634+ million
37+ million
51+ million

HitChecker Features

Let HitChecker put your visitor traffic into an easy-to-use format that you can quickly understand

Visitor Path and History

See how visitors use your website page by page and learn about them over time

Page Performance

See the most popular pages that are performing best for conversions

Referral Sources

See every referral and where traffic is coming to you from other sites

Analytics are Confusing. We're Not.

HitChecker simplifies visitor analytics

Say Hello to Your New Dashboard

HitChecker pulls the needles from the haystack into simple terms you can quickly undertand

  • WHO

    Get a real-time view of every visitor using your website

  • WHAT

    See which pages visitors are most interested and how they are being used

  • WHEN

    See the peak times of each day when your visitors are most active


    Monitor the traffic from all referral sources including Google, Yahoo and Bing

24x7 website visitor tracking dashboard

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