About HitChecker

HitChecker combines website hacker protection and detailed visitor tracking, designed to be easy to understand and packed with features you need.


Protecting your website from hackers and the damage they can cause is a full-time 24x7 job. Companies needed a way to automate that process so they could focus on their business. HitChecker was developed using artificial intelligence to be an early warning system against hacker threats, and record every visitor interaction. HitChecker will help you track hackers down and provide website marketing analytics...all in one service.

2000 - 2010

Our founder and CEO spent 10 years managing over 300 websites for a large technology company in Atlanta. Every day the team needed to know who visited, how they got there and what they did on their websites. At the time, there was only Google Analytics, a super powerful tool, but very complicated to use and understand. In order to communicate with clients and senior management, IT data analysts had to run a Google Analytics report for each website. The problem was, the reports were late, overly complicated with cluttered graphs and overwhelming charts to interpret. This was not something clients and management had the time for or could understand quickly.

So what do you do when you have a problem...you solve it!

The vision for HitChecker was born!


The first version of HitChecker was developed by a team of senior software developers with years of data analytics experience and was launched on the first 10 websites. The companies were quick to provide feedback. Read some of their testimonials here.

2012 - 2016

HitChecker grows to be packed with features, many of which come from requests by customers for information and services they needed to understand their website visitors. One of the most popular features is the daily, weekly and monthly reports to customer's email inbox so they can get a quick overview during their busy day.


Based on a request from a customer who had their website hacked, a whole new artificial intelligence (AI) engine was added to HitChecker to provide customers with immediate insight into suspicious activity. HitChecker now uses AI to monitor websites 24/7 as an early warning system against hacker attacks and provide the critical time savings website owners need to take quick action.


HitChecker adds many new hacker protection features, quickly becoming the #1 solution to threat detection against website attacks. The HitChecker team expands again, gaining more expertise in AI and software development to meet the accelerated pace of growth we are experiencing.


Rapid increases in hacker breaches in the news motivate companies to search for security solutions to protect their website and watch their visitors more carefully. HitChecker subscriptions increase significantly which leads us to expand our Secure Cloud infrastructure to handle the additional data volume.

How We Protect Websites and Track Visitors

HitChecker works 24x7 on your behalf giving your peace of mind and increadible marketing insights

Built for Impact

Our eyes are always on your website. Guided by decades of hands-on strategy and execution, we anticipate your needs and create actionable software that works out the box.

Fanatics for Customers

We treat our customer websites as our own, never satisfied until we have each one set up for hacker security protection and visitor tracking for online marketing insights.

Passion for Technology

We are real people driven to create extraordinary software full of invaluable features. We approach technology with uncompromising standards and expert knowledge.

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